Pau Gasol Kobe Bryant
Photo: Noah Graham/Getty Images

Pau Gasol opened up about how difficult it is to win back-to-back titles in the NBA today.

Gasol has won two straight titles with the Los Angeles Lakers (2009, 2010).

“It’s tough. I feel because it takes a toll on you. It’s a grind, and it takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally. It’s hard to put yourself in that position and state of mind after you win. We were able to do it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it another time.

As I listened to an interview, actually watching “The Last Dance” documentary with Steve Kerr talking after it. It’s hard to repeat. It’s very hard to three-peat and go beyond that even because everybody wants to be where you are, and you are on their radar; they are going after you. They want what you have.

So you get tested every single night during the regular season because they’re going to show up for you. You’re the champion, so you have to bring your best effort and best game every single night.

And again, it’s a grind to do it consecutively. That’s a credit to teams that have done it on consecutive occasions even if they have the most talented player at the time,” Gasol told Ryan Ward of Clutchpoints.