Photo: Yahoo! Sports

Rod Thorn, the man who chose Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft, talked on the future of the Washington Wizards organization.

Thorn, who serves as a special advisor to Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard, joined “The Sports Junkies” podcast to discuss the “The Last Dance” documentary, as well as the state of his current team.

That’a what Thorn said, per NBC Sports:

“We’ve got some real good young players,” Thorn noted. “John [Wall] coming back will be a real impetus for the team, [Bradley] Beal had an unbelievable year. He’s one of the top two-guards in the league.”

“We’ve got another draft coming at some point in time, who knows when,” he continued. “And with Tommy’s leadership the Wizards are in good hands and the future looks very rosy.”

Thorn is quite an experienced executive in the league being around the league since 1963.

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