David Aldridge, a famous reporter and Hall of Famer, talked on the different type of competitiveness in the NBA during the ’80s and the ’90s.

Aldridge, a key part of “The Last Dance” documentary, commented on what drove Jordan’s competitive nature, the hatred between players and the different kind of relationship athletes had that time.

“I think those guys hated each other and wanted to dominate each other and that made the basketball so much more compelling. The drama was real. It wasn’t made up, it wasn’t manufactured. It made the basketball better. There was genuine dislike for one another among those players,” Aldridge said on John Canzano’s podcast per the Oregonian.

“I think they understand it’s cost them friendships and relationships over the years that they would have liked to have,” Aldridge continued. “They wanted to dominate those guys and it was a different relationship.”

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