Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets center and former NBPA representative Mason Plumlee has learned from union meetings that there are “a lot of proposals” out there to resume the season.

None of those proposals involve fans attending games.

When asked about a “bubble” city scenario, Plumlee seemed to think the idea could work.

“People know that we’re playing for the TV at this point. It’s unrealistic to expect any kind of attendance,” Plumlee told Mike Singer of The Denver Post. “I know that they’ve talked about cutting down the travel party. I’ve heard proposals of one city, two cities, three cities with 10 teams, an expedited finish to the season or a differentiated version of the playoffs.”

Plumlee also mentioned that if and when the season resumed, players would need “a couple weeks” to get ready.

“Some people were pushing for four, some for two,” Plumlee said. “That remains to be seen. I don’t think that they’ll just call everybody up and within the week we’ll be having live games.”

Plumlee also brought up scheduling and what next season would look like if this season were to run deep into the summer.

“What is this season, what is next season, how much time do we have, what’s the offseason look like?” he said. “That’d be how I’d rank the priorities.”

Plumlee would be open to the December through August season proposed by Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin.

“It’s interesting, I know a lot of people have quoted the Atlanta Hawks owner, but there has been thought around starting the season later anyway based on our fall (TV) ratings,” Plumlee said. “A lot of it has to do with next season as well and if there’s a willingness to start next season in November or December. Maybe this is just something that leads to a new NBA schedule, we don’t know.”