Jean-Michel Aulas Tony Parker Olympique Lyonnais ASVEL Villeurbanne
Photo: Olympique Lyonnais

Tony Parker is quite active in the world of sports, after the end of his illustrious career in the NBA. The former San Antonio Spurs legend is the president of ASVEL Villeurbanne, a basketball club in Lyon, which competes at the highest level of the European basketball “stage,” the EuroLeague.

Furthermore, Parker said he is ready to get actively involved in a soccer team. Parker admitted, on an interview with Marc J.Spears of the Undefeated, that he will also be Olympique Lyonnais soccer club president in 2023, after current president Jean-Michel Aulas retires.

“First of all, it’s true and an honor for me,” Parker noted. I never thought something like that would happen for me. It’s a huge opportunity. It’s one of the top 50 best teams in the world. They have one of the best structures with how they’re built with a huge budget. It’s a great opportunity to grow and have one of the best products.

To me, [Aulas] is the best [sports] president in French history with the way he started from the bottom, with where the team is and now they’re building a new arena for the basketball team [ASVEL]. We just invested in an esports team together and we bought the Seattle women’s soccer team. We are growing. It’s great to learn from one of the best.”

Olympique Lyonnais is one of the most successful soccer clubs in France and Europe with multiple French League titles and many participations in the most famous football competition in Europe, the UEFA Champions League.