Bucks guard George Hill says there are things more important than basketball to be considered

Photo: Associated Press

Milwaukee Bucks back-up point guard George Hill cautioned about moving too fast as long as the season return is concerned. Hill insisted that “life is way more precious than this ball that we play in” in a video call with the media.

Despite the Bucks being on the way to compete for a championship this season, the sixth-man of the year award candidate said health and safety are more important, per Sacha Pisani of The Sporting News:

“I’m a little 50-50… life itself is bigger than the money aspect of the game. Yes, as competitors and athletes we want to play this season. But if more lives are in jeopardy, I couldn’t care less about the season. Life is way more precious than this ball that we play in. If they cancel the season, as an athlete I would be upset, but we can’t do anything about it. If we play, I’m excited to play again and get back on the court. We had something special going on and I’d love to finish it.”

“The world is bigger than just NBA fans. To our fans, it will be exciting to get the season back, to get it up and going and get something to watch on TV. But if this is the cost for safety and health, what we have to ask is, ‘Is it worth it? Is it worth putting yourself on the line, putting your family and kids on the line to make a couple more dollars?’ For me, personally, no,” Hill said in a conference call with the media.

The Bucks topped the NBA standings with a 53-12 record till the hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.