Blake Griffin destroys TMZ after getting filmed missing shots in pickup game with his kids

Photo: Getty Images

Detroit Pistons star Blake Griffin has thrown some major shade TMZ’s way after the outlet published an article that included a video of him missing jumpers while playing basketball in a park with his kids.

Blake, who had taken his tots out for a bit of air after presumably being under lockdown, looks like he will need a bit more practice before he’s able to shoot convincingly again. But he certainly did not appreciate TMZ filming him sans permission and then making a headline out of it.

“BLAKE GRIFFIN BROKEN JUMPER IN PICKUP GAME W/ KIDS… Quarantine Rust???” the article’s title read.

The former Los Angeles Clippers high-flyer has since offered an alternative headline that has prompted fans to proclaim TMZ the new owners of a huge L. “*alternate headline: “grown man hides in bushes to secretly record a dad and his kids at the park”,” he shot back, with this particular one hitting nothing but net.

We already knew Blake was a savage; TMZ should have known better than to put him on blast.