Furkan Korkmaz Philadelphia 76ers
Photo: ESPN.com

Furkan Korkmaz opened up about his relationship with his teammate in the Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid.

Korkmaz praised Embiid for his character and mentioned how much he helped him adapt to the team’s playing style.

“Embiid is a really nice, straight person. He fights on the court, he trash talks but really has good intentions. He tries to help everyone. I can say that he took me under his wings after I joined the team. JJ Redick had a play they played with Embiid last year. ‘I want to play it with Furkan this year,’ he [Embiid] said. We added it to the team.

I feel that he actually took me under his wing in this kind of things. Apart from that, as I said, he’s a very well-intentioned person. We all look different characters on the court, but when we go off it, we put basketball aside and continue with our normal lives. We all have a different character on the court,” Korkmaz said in an interview with Haberturk.