Photo: ClutchPoints

Steph Curry responded to Maverick Carter’s comments that Steph would have trouble guarding him.

Draymond Green joined Carter (a businessman who is close to LeBron James) and Paul Rivera (co-creator of HBO’s “The Shop”) to discuss the premiere episodes of “The Last Dance.”

Carter said the following:

“There’s no way to validate this but it’s definitely probably true — he (Michael Jordan) did his job at a level better than anybody else in the world has ever done their job. But the truth is — even that guy needs his other people, and most importantly that second person. … So Scottie (Pippen) took care of everything else. They brought up those stats. Scottie was second in rebounds, second in points, first in steals, blah blah blah. It’s just like the Warriors — the world knows Steph (Curry) can’t f–king play defense. I’m 38 — haven’t played a decent game of basketball in 18 years — Steph would have trouble guarding me. … And he’s (Curry) actually really good off the ball on defense — he’s a good steal artist. But he needs Klay (Thompson) and Draymond to kind of cover everything else so he can do his thing.”

Carter is exaggerating to make a point and a comparison to Jordan/Pippen, but his comments are definitely off the wall.

Curry was unbothered by the comments.

“You doing something great no matter what it is, they’re coming for you,” Curry said. “I am so secure in who I am and who I know I am on the court… Either I’m agreeing with you or I’m laughing. … People who actually know what they’re talking about they’re gonna speak facts and truth.”