Photo: Twitter/NBA

Damian Lillard recently claimed that he is ready to shoot from half-court in a real NBA game. Furthermore, he added that he talked about trying in-game with Portland Trail Blazers’ head coach Damian Lillard.

“Before this whole pandemic, I think it was about a month before it happened, he was shooting it pretty easy from half-court and asked, ‘Coach, what you think when I come down and do this?’ I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no, but I’m definitely prepared for it,” Stotts said on Trail Blazers Courtside.

“If players practice those shots, and they’ve shown that they can make those shots, Damian has earned the right with his shot selection,” Stotts continued.

Lillard is shooting a 39% clip from the three-point line during this season, having seven made threes behind the 35 ft. range this year.