Andrey Vatutin says CSKA Moscow’s losses will be 5,5M euros this season

CSKA Moscow - Andrey Vatutin
Photo: TASS

CSKA Moscow president Andrey Vatutin talked about the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic to his team.

“All clubs now lack a profitable part, since no one sells tickets, broadcasting rights. We sell souvenirs at a minimum (price). Today, our expenses are salaries for employees.

All Euroleague clubs do not pay salaries to their basketball players and coaches since negotiations have been held for several weeks between the players’ union and the tournament management to find a solution. Everyone understands that no one can count on 100% payments. Until consensus is reached, there will be no payout.

I think the club’s losses this season reached 450 million rubles (~5,5M euros), and what will happen next is almost impossible to predict,” Vatutin said, as adapted by RBK-Sport.