Los Angeles Clippers big man Byron Mullens still wants to represent Great Britain in the near future despite no-showing at training camp for last year’s Olympic Games in London.

Mullens told the Daily Star newspaper in England that he was planning to join the team at Eurobasket in Slovenia after missing the Olympics to an apparent injury even though he attended workouts that very summer with the Charlotte Bobcats, a team he was previously with.

The 7’1’’ forward, who was born in Ohio but qualifies for Great Britain through his mother, who was born in Middlesex still wants to play for GB.

“There are definitely plans to play this time,” Mullens said. “I was planning on playing over the summer at EuroBasket, but my boy was born. I really wanted to play but I felt I had to be there for his first birthday. Everything just didn’t pan out, I was still a free agent, and hadn’t signed with the Clippers yet, so it didn’t quite work out.”

Mullens has also spoken of his desire to join fellow NBA players Luol Deng and Joel Freeland next summer as Great Britain aim for Eurobasket 2015 through the qualifying round.

Photo: NBAE/Getty Images