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Everyone needs a hobby, even the great players in the NBA. Hobbies are important to spend your time in a productive manner. At the same time, hobbies can be a stress buster for us which is equally important for the NBA players since they can then release all the pressure from their matches.

There are various NBA players who spend their time with excellent hobbies that can inspire us in a very unique way. Today, we will talk about the top 6 NBA players with the most remarkable hobbies.

1. Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez has made it to the top of our list because of his extraordinary love towards his hobby. Robin Lopez is an intense comic book fan. He spends most of his free time reading comic books since his childhood. He is so passionate about his hobby that he has collected thousands of comic books at his house.

His passion towards his hobby is so great that he has also befriended many legendary comic book writers like ‘Jim Lee’. Many would call him a comic book nerd because of his undivided love toward comics which he even shows in public. According to some sources, he is working on making his own comic book.

2. Chris Paul

Chris Paul goes bowling whenever he gets some free time. His hobby of bowling is something he cherishes a lot. According to him, he and his family bowl throughout the whole summer. His hobby is more than just a pastime for him as bowling is a great way to train his muscles, control, aim and concentration.

You can easily find him in one of those several LA bowling places or charity bowling events with his friends or family members. His hobby is not only training him in various ways but also letting him spend his valuable free time with family and friends while enjoying what they like.

3. James Johnson

The combination of an NBA player with a black belt in kickboxing is pretty cool, right? Johnson is a second degree black belt; it’s actually a skill rather than just a hobby because his parents are also black belts in different martial arts. He was so good at his hobby of fighting that his father named him ‘Little Ali’.

During a meeting, he stated that he had to use some of his kickboxing skills on the field of NBA too. His martial arts practice has made Johnson much more agile than any other player on the court.He was 7 years old when he was first introduced to his hobby of martial arts.

4. Pau Gasol

Music is a great way to relax your mind. When you have a tight match schedule that regularly strains your body, then you need to spend some time to take care of your mind as well. This particularly applies for Gasol as he’s already 39 years of age and his retirement coming closer.

Pau Gasol loves his bass violin. His love toward music is so unflinching that Gasol plays his bass violin with LA opera. Apart from this, Gasol loves to read books, going to concerts and creating his own music.

Gasol’s love for music is another way to train his brain along with his body for NBA matches. His love for music is keeping his brain sharp to keep him 100% focused in his matches.

Pau Gasol Kobe Bryant
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5. Rajon Rondo

Ever seen an NBA player skating? Well, Rajon Rondo is the guy who roller skates his tensions away and he has done so ever since he was a kid. His love for roller skates is second to none; he has shown his shining skating shoes in front of the media and fans so many times already

He skates to unwind after every intense match. Experts say roller skating is a great way to improve balance and rhythm. His hobby is intriguing because he uses it to train himself for the next match while enjoying his hobby at the same time.

6. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous NBA players whose hobby was unique compared to others. He almost had an addiction to it which was regarded unhealthy by some people, but according to him it was something he simply loved doing. His hobby was golf gambling.

It was also rumored that Jordan stopped playing basketball and retired due to his gambling habit. Jordan once called it a “hobby that he can afford”. He loved sports betting, especially the golf gambling.

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NBA is an exhausting sport, even if it looks normal to casual viewers on the surface. This is why the NBA players actually try to find some time for themselves.

After getting to know about such unique and remarkable hobbies of our favorite NBA players we can possibly pick up something we like about them.

We can see how some players are using their hobbies as a secret training session either for their body or mind and some are just enjoying the sheer pleasure of their hobby.