Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On the “Off The Bench” podcast, Caron Butler spoke about how good the Washington Wizards’ duo of Bradley Beal and John Wall were together.

“I think that a lot of people forgot about how good those guys were together and how good John Wall was,” Butler said. “For a moment, for a stretch, back in 2017 which wasn’t long ago, before the emergence of Giannis, we were talking about John Wall possibly being the second-best player in the Eastern Conference and that was with LeBron James over there.”

Butler believes that Wall has an even bigger chip on his shoulder when he returns from injury.

“They’re [Wall and Beal] excited to go out there and prove the doubters wrong,” Butler said. “They feel like they still got great magic, awesome chemistry and I look forward to seeing them when they hit that platform together next season.”

Here is a clip from the conversation: