British Basketball chiefs are continuing their push to create a single body to govern the sport with three years to go until Scotland and England lose their international status with FIBA.

This despite fears of funding cuts for Great Britain basketball teams and the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. It could also mean that the home nations could miss out on the 2018 Commonwealth Games when basketball returns to the event.

MVP Magazine though have revealed that Wales, who put the future of basketball in the UK in jeopardy when they refused to merge with the home nations to form one governing body at the request of FIBA after the Olympics last year have re-opened talks to come on board.

“Everybody is engaged in dialogue,” British Basketball chairman Roger Moreland said. “Nobody has been excluded. It’s about building that story together. That work is going on. We’re now edging though the detail to get to a situation where we get what we all want: which is the retention of a GB team in international basketball, along with something for the home countries.

“The word is confederation. It’s not a replacement. It’s not a merger. FIBA are comfortable with that. Scotland are comfortable. England as well. We’re in a debate with Wales so they can make an informed decision.”

Great Britain were given a spot, as hosts of the basketball tournament at the 2012 Olympic Games in March, 2011 by FIBA on the condition that British Basketball decides on whether to compete individually as home nations, or merge into one body. They were given 15 months originally to come up with a decision.

“There’s a working group, which I’m facilitating between representatives from England. Scotland and Wales to see what a structure might look like,” Moreland said. “Scotland and England are agreed. Clearly Wales have decisions to be made in terms of how they go through a similar process.”