Reggie Miller
Photo: USA TODAY Sports

Famous sports analyst Chris Broussard revealed who, for him, is the best clutch player of all time.

“Not Michael Jordan, not Kobe, not LeBron, not KD, not anyone. You kids just don’t know how good Reggie Miller was!” he said.

“First and foremost Reggie Miller is a mad clutch. He forced a game 7 against MJ. Reggie was one of the greatest shooters of all time. Basically he was Klay Thompson before Klay Thompson,” Broussard continued.

“He had better field goal percentage than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant by a mile. It’s even better than LeBron, Kevin Durant and Wilt Chamberlain. Reggie is second all time in 3-pointers made in regular season and in the playoffs,” he added.