Ex-Cavs’ Daniel Gibson on Delonte West: “He was different”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cody Mack interviewed former NBA guard Daniel “Booby” Gibson, who spent seven years with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2006–2013). Gibson was asked about his former Cavs teammates – Delonte West and LeBron James.

Speaking about West, who has had many scandals and misunderstandings in recent years, Gibson noted there are many rumors, but he doesn’t know what’s fact and what’s fiction. However, he remarked that when they played together, his locker was next to him, and he noticed that West was different.

Besides LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cavaliers, Gibson also talked about his injuries, retirement and life after basketball.

Before the interview with Cody Mack, Gibson revealed that Delonte West had mental issues while playing in the NBA: