Jeff Kwatinetz BIG3
Photo: Getty Images

BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz shared his thoughts on the league’s preseason tournament in May.

The league plans to host a preseason tournament in May, entitled ”Big Brother”, in which participants will be quarantined in the same house and would then have to play one another in a knockout-style tournament.

Kwatinetz said the league will take necessary precautions to ensure proper health and safety measures.

“We can’t control what happens with the virus. Nobody can control it. If that has to be pushed back a week or two, that’s possible. But we feel pretty good about being able to be up and running in May.

No one is allowed to leave the quarantine area. That’s part of what keeps the safety and health of the players. It also dovetails with what makes ‘Big Brother’ so great.

You have a group of 16 people locked in a house together and the social dynamics that come out of that. One minute, you’re hanging out with someone in the house. That night you have to play them,” Kwatinetz said, via Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports.