Without question this was the game of the series so far. I said that this series would go to seven games, should go to seven games, and we are lucky enough to have seven games.

Miami got the win and San Antonio were left heartbroken. 24 seconds to go, up 94-89 then LeBron James and Ray Allen hit consecutive three’s to take it into overtime.


Then overtime brought us more drama. It all ended with the Heat, for me playing fantastic defence on Manu Ginobili to stop his path to the lane and Danny Green, who was hounded all game long saw his last-ditch three cleanly blocked by Chris Bosh.

This wasn’t a conspiracy like some have apparently already said; this was a titanic encounter between two teams that wanted to win worse than anything. So much was riding on it, Spurs win: Miami would have to surrender the title and lose it on their home floor for the second time in three seasons. Heat win: Then the series would stay alive and the title, in their possession for one more game.

It was one of those games where someone had to lose unfortunately. Miami were not going to lose even though it looked like they were going to. Tony Parker drilled a step back three in the grill of LeBron and at that moment, the NBA Champion t-shirt’s with the Spurs’ logo printed on them were getting ready.

Then The King had his moment, headband or not, and Allen and Bosh would also be the deciding factors in the Heat’s victory.

This was James’ game though, a second triple-double of the series and the first player since Charles Barkley in 1993 to record a 30 point, 10 rebound, 10 assist game got the job done. He was playing for his life and question is will he have enough for game seven? How will the Heat approach this game? Only Ray Allen has been involved in a winner take all, finals game seven. The Spurs’ big three have all experienced it back in 2005 when they defeated the Detroit Pistons 4-3, could that be an advantage, perhaps?

For the Spurs, Tim Duncan was outstanding. He totally outplayed a younger and quicker (at least we thought that) Chris Bosh for 30 points and 17 rebounds, and hopefully continuing his career for one more season. Personally, I think this game will determine whether Duncan retires or not. If the Spurs win; he’ll call it quits, if the Heat win; he’ll carry on one more season, hopefully with the same squad and go for a last championship. Ginobili: He looks like he is declining in front of us (Kudos to the HoopsHype Twitter feed with that comment) and they’re right. He looked tired and out of a rhythm out there.

Game seven will be something, I feel like I’m wasted blogging about this game and am amazed that I wrote nearly 500 words. Personally, the highlight video will do it more justice. Enjoy.