Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Matej Erjavec, the President of the Slovenian Basketball Federation, confirmed in his interview with Dnevnik that Rado Trifunovic is no longer the head coach of the national team.

The main candidate to replace Trifunovic is CSKA Moscow’s head coach Dimitri itoudis, Matej Erjavec said.

“At the moment, a formal deal can’t be done yet because nor we nor Itoudis know how things are going to go. We are in daily contact, however, at the moment, basketball topics are not at the forefront but what someone is doing, how our families are, etc.

We agreed on Wednesday (March 25), that we’ll start talking about basketball topics again as soon as some stability is established, when there will be a calendar of the club and national competitions on the table,” Erjavec noted.

Furthermore, Erjavec said Rado Trifunovic will serve the Slovenian NT from a different role.