Magic Johnson explains why LeBron James is similar to himself and Larry Bird


Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is a huge fan of LeBron James, whom he helped bring to the team in the summer of 2018.

The five-time NBA champion spoke to ESPN’s First Take this week to discuss various topics and would liken LeBron to himself and another NBA icon in Larry Bird, pointing out the superstar’s willingness to share the basketball, as well as his ability to attack the rim himself.

“Lebron is just like Larry and myself, and he is so unbelievable when he’s coming down the court, his head is up,” Magic told First Take’s Max Kellerman. “He’s always willing to make the pass to make his teammates better, but also two, he can go down the middle and dunk on you.”

Magic’s assessment is on point. LeBron is one of the most unstoppable scorers ever but he’s also one of the best passers in NBA history who’s at No.8 on the All-Time Assists Leaders list. The former Cleveland Cavaliers star’s assist stats are even more impressive when you consider he’s the highest-ranked for players who aren’t guards.