CSKA Moscow Official Statement

Throughout the day European media are publishing the stories concerning the events during recent Panathinaikos – CSKA game in the Top 16, including the interpretation of our club’s appeal to Euroleague.

In the view of the situation we consider necessary to report the facts mentioned in the letter:

– different objects, including plastic bottles with water, cups with drinks, cigarette butts, lighters, coins, etc were thrown into CSKA bench area;

– the fans were spitting onto CSKA President Andrey Vatutin and Vice-President Natalia Furaeva throughout the whole game;

– the fans possessed and actively waved huge inflated banana behind the CSKA bench which is considered the racist action for all the European sports events;

– the siren sounded through the arena sound system during CSKA offensive possessions in the fourth quarter;

– CSKA fans were provoked and threatened several times, leading to the requests from our club’s representatives to provide additional security and evacuation from the arena by the team’s bus;

– the fans were smoking inside the gym.

All the facts are proved by photo and video materials provided by us to the Euroleague authorities. Taking into account that similar accidents can be dangerous for the visiting teams and previous measures taken in relation to Panathinaikos did not lead to improving the situation, our club suggested that Euroleague should apply more strict punishments according to the Regulations.

Euroleague started disciplinary case as a result of our appeal. Euroleague is the only organizing body for the competition, and its sole responsibility is to decide on the case. Before the Euroleague decision published, we will avoid polemics with any of the sides involved.

Source: CSKA Moscow