Vince Carter Atlanta Hawks
Photo: Bleacher Report

No players of the Atlanta Hawks have shown any symptoms of the coronavirus so far.

Therefore, no member of the team (either staff or player) has tested for the virus. As a precautionary measure, the Hawks closed their practice facilities indefinitely.

“No Hawks players are exhibiting symptoms of the virus as of now, and therefore they have not been tested for it. But the decision to close the facility as of Wednesday was made to be on the safe side, with the league asking teams to practice social distancing, which can help limit exposure and spread of the coronavirus.

There’s not a firm timeline for re-opening the facility, as that will depend on when the Hawks determine it’s safe to do so,” Sarah K. Spencer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The NBA has decided to suspend the season for at lest 30 days, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.