Photo: ClutchPoints

Joe Abunassar – trainer, coach and mentor for 23 years to the best players in the world – talked about DeMarcus Cousins’ situation and the progress of his rehabilitation on The HoopsHype Podcast:

“He’s picked himself back up, he’s rehabbing. While the Lakers are on the road, he’s rehabbing with us today. He’s down here with our physical therapist,” the coach said.

“I just think for a guy who was playing at an All-Star level to first get the Achilles and then come back with this, we’re going to see the real heart of DeMarcus coming back. And he’s responded to amazingly to rehab. I mean, the Achilles thing was a brutal rehab with a leg-long cast to start with; he had to go around in a wheelchair because it was too heavy to even move on crutches,” he continued.

“He’s not that old. He’s got many years to play ahead of him, and I think he’s got an amazing attitude right now. He’s just trying to get as healthy as he can and then get back on that court. But yeah, that was a tough time. I don’t want to say tough for us, because we just felt very badly for DeMarcus. It was tough for him. Now, we’re all here to support him and get back him back to the highest level of play,” Abunassar added.