EuroLeague announced the first member of the All-Decade team Kyle Hines

Kyle Hines CSKA Moscow
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

The EuroLeague introduce the first-member of the All-Decade team with Kyle Hines being the chosen one by fans, coaches and players. Hines is the player with the most EuroLeague trophies the past decade. In particular, he have two EuroLeague titles apiece with Olympiacos (2012,2013) and CSKA (2016,2019).

He played for Brose Basket (2010-11) and Olympiacos (2011-2013) in the past, while he is still one of the best defenders in European basketball playing for CSKA Moscow (2013-present). Furthermore, he is the first player ever to win two Final-Fours with different teams (Olympiacos, CSKA).