Shannon Sharpe thinks Kuzma’ new Instagram post proves LeBron will have him off Lakers this summer

Photo: Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe reacted to the latest Kyle Kuzma’s Instagram post, in which he wrote: “They hate me, cause they ain’t me.”

“His [Kuzma’s] field goals percentage is 7 percent down. He’s averaging 20 points when AD is not playing, 11 – when he [Anthony Davis] plays. He’s not gonna get the minutes, that he got last year, nor has he earned those minutes,” Sharpe told.

“The reason why they tried to get Marcus Morris, is because of you [Kuzma], reason why they get Kieff [Markieff Morris] is because of you [Kuzma], they try to get Dion Waiters, JR Smith because of you [Kuzma],” Sharpe added.

According to analyst, LeBron doesn’t trust Kuzma and doesn’t want to drag him through the playoffs. Kuzma might be out of the Lakers team by summer.