Nemanja Bjelica stays in the game despite fouling out (vid)

Euroleague referees (or the table) got the foul count wrong last night when they allowed Caja Laboral’s Nemanja Bjelica to play for an extra two minutes after he was fouled out.

With 4:42 remaining in the fourth quarter of last night’s game with Anadolu Efes, the referees blew their whistle for a foul committed by Bjelica which was his fourth foul, that was not only confirmed by the PA announcer, but also by the Euroleague TV caption.

Then with 2:04 left in the fourth, and Anadolu Efes 69-59 ahead, Bjelica gets called for a blatant loose-ball foul which should have been his fifth foul, leading to him being fouled out. Instead though, the PA announcer and the Euroleague TV caption inform us that the foul was, again his fourth.

Erm…. no.

YouTube video from our affliiate site: