NBA and Coronavirus: the precautions of Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart
Photo: Boston Globe

The Coronavirus alert has also arrived in the NBA. The League has issued a reminder to be respected, but even before Marcus Smart has taken every possible precaution.

Few contacts with the fans

“I don’t even sign so many autographs for this,” said the Boston Celtics guard on Tuesday. “It’s just difficult. Of course, you want to interact with the fans, but, unfortunately, the security risks that are involved not only for us but also for the fans. We want to try to limit it. It is not harmful. It’s not towards the fans,” said Smart. “It’s just to keep everyone safe.”

This is a problem that affects not only Boston and Marcus Smart, but the whole NBA. Portland Trailblazers player CJ McCollum announced on Sunday that he has stopped signing autographs for the time being after several coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Oregon.