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Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle criticized his team in his unique manner.

The Mavs are averaging 19.2 turnovers per game in the preseason, and coach Carlisle, of course, isn’t happy about it. But he is still in a good mood. When asked about the team’s turnover count, Carlisle gave an unexpected but a funny answer.

“We’re doing it every way you can do it,” Carlisle said. “If we were a sex manual, it’d be a best-seller.”

The Mavs turned the ball over 12.9 times per game in the 2011 Playoffs where they eventually reached the NBA title. Their average last season was 14, which was 0.6 lower than the league average.

It looks the Mavericks need to fix the problems in the offensive end of the floor as soon as they can.