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What is the problem of Fenerbahce Beko?

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Fenerbahce is not going well in the EuroLeague. They showed a good game for five years and they won one EuroLeague championship. But now, they have 12 wins and 14 losses in the league. So, what is the problem of Fenerbahce Beko? I think, there are 2 reasons.

First of all, Fenerbahce Beko is theoretically good, if we look at the players. But, they are not good at being a team. Fenerbahce Beko has nice players such as Nando De Colo, Kostas Sloukas, Jan Vesely. EuroLeague is evolving and teams need creative players. Sloukas usually doesn’t take initiative. Sloukas is not a player like Shane Larkin or Mike James. But , Fenerbahce Beko has Nando De Colo. He proved himself in CSKA. I think, Fenerbahce Beko is not a team for him or he doesn’t adopt Fenerbahce. But, definitely, Fenerbahce needs Nando.

The other point, Zeljko Obradovic. In my opinion, Obradovic still couldn’t identify the ideal five in his mind. Number four is very important in Obradovic’s system. But, Derrick Williams couldn’t be useful as well as Nicolo Melli. Obradovic’s game plan could not keep up with the time. If Fenerbahce Beko enters the playoffs in the EuroLeague, then we can watch another game from Fenerbahce Beko.

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