“Zion is good, but he’s no Shaq” according to Chris Broussard

Photo via www.cbssports.com

Chris Broussard gave his opinion on Zion’s mania in the media and his comparison to Shaquille O’Neal.

“I love him, I am a Zion fan, I am impressed wildly, but what he’s doing, but there are some things that are going too far. NO [Zion is not the new Shaq]! First of all, Shaq was 7”0 tall, I know Zion is huge, but he’s 6″6. Shaquille O’Neal’s game would be dominant in any era. I do think he [Zion] could have been as Larry Johnson, like Charles Barkley, but I also think he would have to evolve as a player. Zion goes left all the time… Zion hasn’t proven as a good rebounder. He’s not Shaq.”