Photo: ClutchPoints

Luka Doncic recently played his last game as a 20 year old, finishing with 21 triple doubles before his 21st birthday. When asked about how he will celebrate turning 21 in the United States, Luka stated, “Just dinner probably,” Doncic pointed out further downplaying the importance of his birthday. “In my country adulthood comes at 18, so it doesn’t matter.”

In Europe, most things of restriction come to a stop once the person celebrates his or her 18th birthday, rendering themselves as an official adults; however, the United States has two different milestones of age that need to be met in order to lift the restriction of purchase from certain items – 18 years and 21 years old. Luka doesn’t seem too entranced by turning 21 and it makes since once you realize where he is from originally.