Aaron White Armani
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Aaron White was one of the most decorated signings for Milan in the summer, after two impressive years in Zalgiris Kaunas.

White was interviewed by 15min, claiming that he lost his love for basketball in Milan. The ex-Iowa forward talked about his stint in Italy and the fact that his role was not what he was expecting, when he signed there.

“I lost my love for basketball in Milan and now the love was reborn in Tenerife. My role in Milan was not what I was expecting when I signed the contract there. I was not playing and I was not happy with the situation. I did not see the point of sit-in gone the bench, not playing and being annoyed. I decided to leave the team. I needed a team where I could finish the season, re-gain confidence and enjoy basketball again.

Messina wanted me to play hard and with energy. I always play like this but for some reasons he did not give me minutes and did not see me in the rotation. He did not know how to use him. Since I joined Milano it was not clear what I needed to do and what he wanted from me. Arturas Gudaitis is in a similar situation. He was fantastic before the injury and he was the best center in Euroleague behind Brandon Davies. Now he is “blocked”.

In my eyes, Milano players don’t know what to do. The game doesn’t look smooth and I was surprised by this situation,” White said.

After his departure from Milan, White signed for Tenerife in the Spanish league. Tomorrow, his two ex-clubs wil face each other in the EuroLeague round 26 as Zalgiris and Milan are fighting for a place in the playoffs.