Buckman (2’03, 1984) comes from Turkey, where he played for Tofas Bursa, and signs for the next season. This is the second addition for the spanish team after the signing of John Holland, in order to replace Guille Rubio, starting power forward last year, who left the team a couple of days ago.

Bradley Buckman played four years for the University of Texas before signing his first pro contract in Greece in 2006. He had brief stints in Romania, Cyprus, Israel and Germany. He played the most in Turkey for Kepez Antalya in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 and last year for Tofas Bursa, averaging 13’7 ppg and 7’6 rpg.

Until now, there have been few movements on the sevillian team. It is being a disastrous beginning of summer since coach Plaza left the team for Zalgiris Kaunas, Paul Davis signed with Khimki, Urtasun and Calloway joined Unicaja Malaga and Rubio will play for Lagun Aro. Moreover, Jasen and English will not continue wearing the sevillian uniform.

Last week the team signed John Holland, who comes from France, a young talented american who will be the starting small forward. He comes to replace Jasen, same as Buckman is here to replace Rubio, but there is no dominating center yet to replace Paul Davis, last year’s main star of the team.

It seems that next season the team will be completely renewed. What is more, it will be a very young team. Most probably, the oldest players will be Triguero and Buckman, none of them over 30 years old. Nothing compare to last season, when the team was very experienced. But this year the budget is a 25% less than the previous season, so the team is trying to find young players to rebuild the team, counting on home-grown players more than ever, such as Satoransky (who will lead the team playing the point guard position), Joan Sastre, Beka Burjanadze and Ondrej Balvin, a promising center who alredy played some minutes last season. A perfect team for coach Aíto García Reneses, renowned for getting the most out of young players.