N. Paraušić

Dejan Todorović thinks that the game against Georgia will be extremely difficult, especially in the low post.

“We played a good game against Finland and the result showed that. Tomorrow we expect an extremely difficult game, especially in the low post. We need to control Shermadini and to bee aware of their shots behind the three points line. During these two days we prepared as much as we could, and tomorrow, I hope with the help of the fans and good energy repeat again what we did against Finland”, started his interview Dejan Todorović.

“The majority of the players are young guys, my age or younger. We all know each other. And also, there are those 3-4 veterans. They are great with us and we are all getting used to this situation. We are all feeling great”, said Dejan Todorović.

The Serbian squad, like the other teams during these Qualifications, didn’t spend much time together and Igor Kokoškov is the new head coach of the national team, so everyone wants to know what are his expectations for his players.

“The only thing Igor asked from us is to respect between us players and also to enjoy during these 10 days we will spend together”, said Todorović during the open practice.