Following 24 days after Kobe Bryant’s accident, Shaquille O’Neal released a freestyle song to honor him.

The lyrics below:

“Fuck the beef man, I’m just being real with ya. Kobe Bryant rest in power, man I fuckin miss ya. I hate watchin’ these ballers they little soft suckas, wish you was still playin, dunkin on these mothafuckas.

Who realer than me? Realer than he? You can say Magic and Kareem or Mike and Scottie P, we was like Puff and B.I.G. We was like Snoop and D.R.E, you can’t say Kob without sayin me.

Fourth quarter, down by two. I’ma miss every free throw, I’ma give that shit to you. They know one-two punch, with two stones they kill us. One Black Mamba and one black gorilla,”