Kevin Durant
Photo: Yahoo Sports

Kevin Durant has recently denied the possibility of him returning to action this season. Which means that he would have missed the entire season.

What effect will it have on his form when he returns? According to an NBA executive, who spoke with ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, it will KD’s worst year. Simply because it is difficult to recover from Achilles injuries.

He clarified, though, that the ‘worst year’ does not mean Durant will play bad. He will just no be as good as he was before the injury.

“I think Durant will probably have the worst year of his career,” an executive said. “No fault to him, but people don’t come back from Achilles injuries and tear the league up.

“It’s all relative. In the worst year of his career, he might be the 25th-best player in the league, and they might win 50 games. I just don’t see them being a realistic contender barring some moves.”