Bad news for the Chicago Bulls after the All-Star Game: Kris Dunn‘s injury doesn’t seem to improve and the fear of losing him for the season is strong. The Bulls announced on 4 February the collateral ligament sprain of his right knee that occurred just after the February 1 match against the Brooklyn Nets began.

From the words of KC Johnson of NBC Sports in Chicago, it is clear that the chances of seeing him on the field are very low. In early February, the Bulls’ medical staff said they took two weeks before making any decisions. The doctors’ sentence could therefore arrive shortly and many factors suggest that the guard will be in the pits until the end of the season.

It is not the first injury for Kris Dunn. Just last year he stopped for 23 games. To date he has missed only four matches in the 55 played in the season. As for the current injury, we still have to wait for the definitive response of the Bulls, but the return does not seem imminent.