Álex Abrines, the spanish prodigy, and his club Unicaja Málaga relations are heading to some serious troubles this off season.

The Spanish prodigy asked in an official document sent to Unicaja to break unilaterally the two-year deal that he signed last summer with the club saying that he is going to pay by himself the buyout.

“El nuevo Rudy Fernández” like he is called by the Spanish media, have one more year of contract left with Málaga but he wants to be a Regal Barcelona player next season before entering NBA Draft.

After becoming a sensation in European basketball last summer helping Spain to win the European under 18 title and the MVP trophy, Ábrines started a journey in Liga Endesa that no one was expecting. He broke scoring records, showcased his talents against top players in the league and became an essential key of the bench for the team late season in their push to make playoffs.

Now, he and his agent think that it is time for the next step.

Regal Barcelona, which still can win the ACB title, showed interest in the young player late this season mainly because Victor Sada and Fran Vazquez are free agents and they need to complete their roster with spanish players to compete next season. What better way to do that signing a talent compared to Rudy or even Navarro?

The problem between breaking the contract and signing with Barcelona is that Abrines says that his buyout is 300,000€ while Málaga says that it is the double, and the team affirm that they can match all the offers from other clubs for the player.

It’s going to be a long summer for “Kid-A”, that is currently in Treviso playing in the Adidas Trainning Camp.