Banca Civica Seville failed to qualify for the ACB semifinals after losing 55-82 against a very serious Real Madrid which never allowed its rival to be a great issue. Carroll and Llull were the best players of the game while Urtasun gave his best for the local team.

Real Madrid came to Seville decided to finish the quarterfinal series in a fast way. They had tremendous success when shooting, while the local team had lots of problems to score, once again as in the previous four games with Davis not fully recovered. Urtasun tried to keep his team on the fight, but it was a lossing effort.

Anyway, the local team got to be 5 points below Real Madrid in the mid-second quarter after being 21 points down. It was like a mirage, and it was such a great effort that when Pablo Laso’s increased the pace again in the third quarter, the game suddenly finished. The local players couldn’t even breathe. Moreover, Jaycee Carroll proved to be the best scoring machine in the league, not even missing a single shoot while scoring 15 consecutive points.

Nothing worked in Banca Civica Seville. Luka Bogdanovic, one of the main weapons in the team during all season, had a disastrous night. He went home with no points on the stats. This fact can be an example of the feeling on the team. After a good season, Banca Civica Seville left competition with a bitter taste in the mouth. It seems that they could have give more than they did. It’s true that Davis’ injury in the final part of the season made impossible to finish that final rush successfully, but… you can’t never tell when the war is over.

Now there are a couple of questions to solve within next months. What about Paul Davis and coach Plaza? They have probably been the key facts in this successful season, as they were in the previous years. But the powerful center finishes contract and will be one of the desired players on the market and Plaza thinks nowadays about coaching teams that play european competitions. Next year Banca Cívica can’t compete at this level, so we will see what happens. In addition to this, the main sponsor is yet to solve its future, so maybe there is no need to work for the next season because there will be no team at all… Time will tell.

55 – Banca Cívica (12+19+16+8): Calloway (12), Tepic (-), Jasen (5), Bogdanovic (-), Triguero (7) -starting five-, Satoransky (2), English (7), Urtasun (16), Sastre (-), Paul Davis (6), Balvin (-), Rubio (-).

82 – Real Madrid (22+19+15+26): Llull (13), Pocius (7), Suárez (6), Velickovic (8), Tomic (8) -starting five-, Sergio Rodríguez (5), Felipe Reyes (8), Begic (-), Carroll (20), Sanz (-), Díez (-), Singler (7).