Banca Civica Seville defeated Blusens Monbus 79-59 in the 29th round of the ACB league thanks to a great game by Luka Bogdanovic and is still on the run to get a spot in the ACB Playoffs.

It was not a difficult game for BCS despite some good minutes by Deron Washington who gave small advantages for the visiting team in the first quarter. It seemed to be a hard game, since Blusens Monbus is on the fight to keep its place in the league next year.

But in the second quarter the local team started to play good on the offensive end and the game virtually ended. Paul Davis, as usual in the last weeks, had his mind put on the game. This time it wasn’t foul trouble, but something different. Maybe a good defense by Lasme. It had to be Triguero who played most minutes on the paint. Luka Bogdanovic scored from the outside with soft touch. Surprising how this player has managed to get a steadiness which is being one the keys to understand the good season of this team. He offers Banca Civica what none Ivanov nor Katelynas could offer last year.

The second half had some good movements by Stephane Lasme, doing a good job on the paint in a losing effort while Banca Civica’s players showed how good they can be when they give their best. Earl Calloway didn’t played as good as he is doing since last weeks, but it didn’t matter this time.

This way, Banca Civica continues to fight for one of the spots in the playoffs. This season in Spain there are plenty of teams very close on the standing, so it will be hard to be one the the first eight teams in the league by the end of may.

79 – Banca Cívica (14+27+11+27): Calloway (4), Jasen (7), Urtasun (9), Guille Rubio (4), Davis (7) -starting five-, Tepic (9), Triguero (6), Satoransky (4), Sastre (5), Bogdanovic (19), English (5).

59 – Blusens Monbus (16+17+13+13): Rodríguez (2), Washington (18), Corbacho (6), Lasme (17), Kendall (8) -starting five-, Hopkins (2), Cabanas (2), Bulfoni (2), Ebi Ere (-), Palacio (2), Junyent (-), Nguema (-).