Miami Heat joined Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks with their 8th straight OT win

Jimmy Butler Miami Heat NY Knicks
Photo: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat emerged victorious against the Washington Wizards (129-134) for the 8th overtime win this season.

Jimmy Butler made some “key” baskets in the extra period, while Tyler Herro scored a game-high 25 points on seven made threes.

The Heat joined the Detroit Pistons (2002-2003) and the Milwaukee Bucks (1977-1978), with their 8th win in overtime, becoming the third team on a 8-win streak in such situations.

Namely, they emerged victorious against Milwaukee, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sacramento and Washington until now.

Miami (31-13) has won four of its last five games, being the second best team in the East.