Devonte Graham on Michael Jordan: “It’s amazing having him as an owner”

Photo: Matthew Evans

During media availability with the Charlotte Hornets in Paris on Wednesday, sophomore guard Devonte Graham opened up on meeting Michael Jordan for the first time. As well as commenting on the 6-time NBA champion as an owner.

“It’s great, when I was first meeting him I was starstruck. I was like really is this Michael Jordan. A real cool, a real good guy to talk to… it’s amazing having him as an owner.”

“I just remember going up to him and him saying what’s up Devonte, and he knew my name. So I was kind of, really really star stuck, to be honest.”

Graham is enjoying a fruitful second season in the professional ranks. Where his points averages have bumped up from 4.7 to 18.6. This season he is also averaging 3.6 rebounds and an impressive 7.7 assists per game.

The 24-year-old may be struggling with his shooting numbers from the field (37.6%). But he is proving a threat from beyond the arc, converting at a 38.6% rate.

Graham also stated his experiences navigating around Paris with his teammates. As well as the help of native Frenchman on the team, Nicolas Batum.

“It’s funny cause every time we pass something, a building or anything, we’re over here taking pictures. We’re like Nic, what’s this? what’s this? how do you say this in French? how do you say this in English? He’s really our translator.”