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Photo: AP/Matt Rourke

Derrick Rose would relish the opportunity to play in the All-Star game, which will be held in Chicago. But, right now, his main concern is the Pistons’ performance.

The former league MVP says his thoughts are on the team first, as reported by K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports:

“It would be cool. But right now, we’re losing. That’s the only thing that’s been on my mind right now, trying to fix things here with the team. There has been a lot of long nights just trying to think and trying to put together a plan. I can only do so much. Just trying to control what I can control and be a leader for this team. Whatever this team needs, just try to be there. Being back in Chicago, I know people in Chicago are going to love it. It’s something we’ve been missing for a long time. The excitement, the buzz around it has been great. When is the last time they had it, with Mike [Jordan]?”

Derrick Rose

Detroit is currently 11th in the Eastern Conference with a 14-26 record. As far as personal stats are concerned, Rose is having a rather good season personally and is in contention for the 6th man award.

Rose is averaging 17.8 points and 5.8 assists per game for the Pistons this season.