LA Lakers beat visiting Dallas Mavericks in a low-scoring game (70-73) thanks to a late threepointer by Dereck Fisher.

Melo returned to score 33, but it was not enough against throbing Magic (102-93).

Bulls drop one at Memphis as Rose remains sidelined (86-102).

Wall’s 38 not enough for Wizards against visiting Rockets.

All the results:

Orlando Magic 102-93 New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls 86-102 Memphis Grizzlies
Milwaukee Bucks 82-94 Philadelphia 76ers
Houston Rockets 114-106 Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers 102-94 Charlotte Bobcats
Portland Trailblazers 84-77 New Orleans Hornets
New Jersey Nets 91-101 Los Angeles Clippers
Toronto Raptors 84-93 Atlanta Hawks
Oklahoma City Thunder 97-88 Boston Celtics
Sacramento Kings 86-99 Minnesota Timberwolves
Dallas Mavericks 70-73 Los Angeles Lakers

Derrick Rose sat out another game due to toe injury.

Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant were named NBA players of the week.

The plane that was carrying the Detroit Pistons had to make an emergency landing due to a hydraulics problem.

Chris Paul sat out due to injury while he will also miss Monday’s game.

Vince Carter injured his left foot against Lakers.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Fisher’s threepointer:


Standing ovation for Odom: