Gregg Popovich: “David Stern was the visionary and catalyst that made the NBA what it is today”

Gregg Popovich
Photo: Yahoo Sports

San Antonio Spurs head coach David Stern paid respect to the former NBA commissioner David Stern who has passed away.

“I wanna say that obviously this is a sad time for the NBA, especially for the family of David Stern. We share their grief. David Stern was an iconic figure, but that’s quite an understatement. What he was was a force of nature. An amazing businessman, leader, manager. A man who took over in the mid 80s as commissioner in a difficult time, and was the visionary and the catalyst that made it what it is today. That’s why we’re all here and doing well. He started it all. He made the NBA a global brand. He nurtured it. He worked very hard, with discipline and with courage, to establish what we have to day. We all owe him a lot. Again, we feel for the family.”

Gregg Popovich