Dwight Howard scored 45 points and grabbed 23 rebounds to lead Magic to victory over hosts Warriors.

Horford-less Atlanta cruised past Charlotte 81-111.

Melo gets injured, Grizzlies take advantage and beat the Knicks 83-94.

All the results:

Charlotte Bobcats 81-111 Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons 93-102 Milwaukee Bucks
New York Knicks 83-94 Memphis Grizzlies
Cleveland Cavaliers 101-90 Phoenix Suns
Orlando Magic 117-109 Golden State Warriors

Warriors’ Kwame Brown will sit out 3 months due to injury.

Michael Beasley and JJ Barea will miss the upcoming two games of the Wolves.

Huge setback for the Hawks as Al Horford will miss 3-4 months with a shoulder injury.

Carmelo Anthony sprained his right ankle in the game against Memphis.

Howard attempted record 39 freethrows aganst the Warriors, making 21 of them.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Recordman Howard: