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Best and worst paying Greek clubs

The Greek Players Unions, PSAK, has released a list of all Greek A1 teams in terms of them paying their players. Just two clubs have paid all their players to the cent while there is a team which has not paid its players for six months.

Greek (and foreign A1) players sign ten-months per season contracts, so the numbers of months paid should be considered in that context.

TEAM Number of months paid
Panathinaikos Paid in full
Ikaros Paid in full
Ilysiakos Paid 7 months
Panionios Paid 6 1/2 months
Maroussi Paid 6 1/2 months
Aris Paid 6 months
Olympiacos Paid 6 months
Kolossos Paid 5 months
Peristeri Paid 5 months
Panellinios Paid 5 months
Kavala Paid 5 months
Iraklis Paid 5 months
AEK Paid 4 months
PAOK Paid 4 months

Just two clubs don’t owe a cent to their players. As we can see, the Top5 paying teams are all based in Athens. Another interesting fact is that just half of the teams have paid more than 50% to players. It is remarkable that the worst paying teams are AEK, who got relegated and… PAOK who will be playing in Euroleague qualifiers in some months. We can also see that three out of four worst paying clubs are located in Northern Greece where the financial crisis has taken its toll.

PSAK also notes that most of the foreign players of all teams are paid in full.

Things are even worse in the lower divisions where some teams have paid just… two months worth of wages!

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