Rick Pitino confirms talks to become the head coach of Greece

Rick Pitino
Photo: Sport24.gr

Rick Pitino confirmed he is in talks with the Basketball Federation of Greece in order to take over the national team.

Here is what the 66-year-old Hall of Famer told the Greek national television during his arrival in Athens on Thursday (07/11):

“I’ll see the game (Panathinaikos vs. Valencia in the EuroLeague) on Friday, visit my friends and meet with the Federation about possibly the [Greek] national team.

I look forward to the challenge. It’s going to be a big challenge if it happens. But it’s exciting. I’m going to speak to the Federation. I haven’t met them yet. I’m going to speak to them tomorrow or the next day.

I think the challenge lies because they didn’t qualify (to the Olympic Games). And to me, it’s a great honor. I’m doing this because of my love for Greece and the people.

It will be very challenging but very rewarding. These players are all coming from professional years. So they are a little tired. Motivation is a big part of getting them ready. We will get them ready.”