Photo: Sports Illustrated

College basketball is back and some schools historically have sent more players to the NBA over the last decade, such as the “blue bloods” of college basketball including Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina.

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Former players from Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina and UCLA led the list of 128 Division 1 colleges that had one or more former players on 2019-20 NBA opening-day rosters, which was Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.

There were also 61 foreign players on 2019-2020 opening-day rosters that did not play for U.S. colleges, while 14 players went straight from high school to the NBA.

The following list of schools and their respective number of players in the NBA is based on opening-day rosters on Oct. 22:

  1. Kentucky (29)
  2. Duke (24)
  3. North Carolina (UNC) (14)
  4. UCLA (13)
  5. Arizona (11)
  6. Kansas (11)
  7. Texas (11)
  8. Michigan (10)
  9. Indiana (8)
  10. Iowa St. (8)
  11. Southern California (USC) (8)
  12. Villanova (8)
  13. Washington (8)

Those numbers changed a little for a couple schools from opening-day rosters to current, active players on NBA rosters:

The New Orleans Pelicans could put an all-Duke lineup on the court if they wanted to (once Zion Williamson is healthy), as they have five Blue Devils on their roster.

That lineup would look something like this:

  • PG – Frank Jackson
  • SG – JJ Redick
  • SF – Brandon Ingram
  • PF – Zion Williamson
  • C – Jahlil Okafor